Menu alla carta

Sweet and sour and marinated fillet of twite shad (lake fish catch from Como Lake) served with mixed salad coming from a local farm
€ 12.00

Marinated anchovies. chick peas salad, candied lemon, confit tomatoes and olives powder
€ 12.00

Summer 2024 = broken tartelette with vegetables in different consistencies and cooking methods, Peas ice cream
€ 12.00

Peas: “Pisello Centogiorni” = It’s cultivated in the Vesuvius area, it boats this nickname because there are one hundred days that elapse between the act of sowing and that of harvesting.

“Nervetti” and cannellini beans with hot cream of potatoes and extra-virgin olive oil
€ 10.00

Selection of local cold cuts with Russian salad
€ 12.00

Our plate of cured meats

“All goat”
All goat salami, three different all goat cheeses from Orobie mountains, crispy buckwheat crackers, lemon and apple preserve
€ 15.00

Orobie Mountains
Artisan Bresaola (dry-salted beef) from Valtellina Valley, matured bacon with aromatic herbs from Bergamo mountains, mixed cheese made with cow’s cheese and blue cheese, fresh goat’s cheese from Valsassina Valley, grain brioche bread
€ 15.00

First course
Risotto with courgette flowers and drops of fresh cheese fondue (2 people minimum)
€ 15.00

“Riso al salto” from the Milan tradition
€ 15.00

Bread dumplings with lake fish sauce and crumbs of dried eggs of mountain char
€ 14.00

Home-made tagliatelle and “Misultitt”
€ 14.00

Cicerchia di Serra de’ Conti (wild peas) soup, vegetables and drops of extra virgin olive oil
€ 12.00

Second course

Roasted fillets of trout and mountain char from Valsassina Valley, diced potatoes and asparagus with marjoram
€ 15.00

Grilled “Misultitt” from Como lake served with wholegrain polenta
€ 17.00

“Misultitt” * = dried twite shad (fresh water fish)

Pikeperch kebab (lake fish from Como lake) and courgettes, tomato sauce and seared new onion from a local farm
€ 16.00

“Mondeghili: meat rissoles” with thin sliced chicory salad
€ 15.00

“Slow cooking” stewed kid with rosemary
€ 16.00

Roasted piece of guinea-fowl, Marsala wine sauce and potatoes au gratin with milk
€ 15.00

Sliced sirloin beef with wild rocket salad
€ 18.00

Brianza snails bourguignon
12 pieces € 20.00
6 pieces   € 10.00

VEGETARIAN DISH = Potatoes and Pink Asparagus* croquettes with sautéed glasswort and tartar sauce
€ 13.00
* Pink Asparagus made in Mezzago (Brianza land) – local agricultural product

Tasting Menu

The originality of a cheese is not only the result of its processing but also of the context in which the animal is bred

“La Piana” Great cheese Selection (cow’s and goat’s cheeses)
with fruits and vegetables preserves
€ 16.00

Selection of cow’s cheeses
€ 12.00

Selection of goat’s cheeses
€ 14.00

Tasting of various “stracchini” cheeses from Valsassina Valley
€ 10.00

Strachitunt dop (Locatelli Farm) with pineapple and rosemary marmalade
€ 12.00

Historic “Ribelle”
(Ancogno Soliva Summer ’15)
€ 16.00


Gorgonzola natural (blue cheese) with onion and orange preserve
€ 10.00

“Bettelmatt” (mountain cheese summer 2019/2021) with leeks and apple preserve
€ 14.00

“Special cheeses refined”:
Cow’s Blue-cheese refined with Raboso raisin wine and cranberries
Ewe’s Blue-cheese refined with white raisin wine from Pantelleria
Cow’s Blue- cheese refined with Gin by Robin Marton
€ 16.00

(It’s possibile to ask for small tastings)




Natural Fruit smoothie
€ 4.50 each (220ml)


“Strawberry”: strawberry salad with pennyroyal, lukewarm mini cake with lemon and strawberries, sorbet and pearls of strawberries to garnish

“Amaretto” biscuit semifreddo with chocolate and coffee sauce

Crispy mille-feuille, fresh cheese mousse with honey and sweet hazelnuts 

Chocolate pudding, passion-fruit sauce and cocoa tuiles

“Home-made tiramisù”: coffee sponge finger, mascarpone cheese mousse and crispy chocolate

Thinly sliced pineapple with lemon sorbet

Crispy wafer with fruit sorbets

Cake “La Piana”: cake of the day

Hot dark chocolate flan with its sauce

8,00 € per portion